A-Level Government & Politics Mentoring
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A-Level Government & Politics Mentoring

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Private A-Level Government & Politics tuition is exactly what you need to STEP-UP your grades. By finding out what is holding you back and getting the building blocks that will give you exactly what the examiners want will take your CONFIDENCE to a whole new level.

My students tell me that these are the things that have given them the edge they were looking for, putting those feelings of dread and discouragement behind them,  freeing up their time to enjoy their lives and looking forward to their future.

These are some of the skills and knowledge that has transformed their studies and their future:


  • A Personalised Learning Strategy
  • Personalised Feedback
  • Writing top graded essay answers
  • Structure
  • How to increase memory recall
  • How to reduce reading and study time


  • People and Politics
  • Governing the UK
  • UK Political Issues
  • Political Ideologies
  • Representative Processes in the USA
  • Structures of Global Politics
  • EU Political Issues
  • Ideological Traditions
  • Governing the USA
  • Global Political Issues