Reach For Success 


When it comes to studying law and politics there is always something else to read, an answer to write or another class to attend.  It can feel like being on a treadmill that we cannot get off where the work and deadlines are coming so fast there is no time to enjoy life. If you have felt this way, you are not alone.  I too have felt this way.




With a successful track record helping students get from where they are to where they want to be, based on years of legal and political experience and studying that works, I will show you how to:


  • halve your study time and get your life in balance with your studies by providing you with a personalised strategy. You will have the opportunity to identify your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses and develop skills, habits and a mind-set that will give you success in your studies and beyond.

  • simplify complex topics in a step-by-step logical and structured approach that will give you mastery over your subject. Following my systems will enable you to read faster, process, organise and recall information from your memory that will deliver results and fast.

  • present and write top graded academic work, apply critical reasoning to legal and political issues, problem questions and essays through effective research, argument and analysis.




Book a tutorial and let me help you reach your academic potential and live your best life.

Why? Because nobody will know how good you really are until you show them!