Hi, I’m Dan Kinning.

Welcome to Maximised Learning, the place where you will get equipped and empowered with the skills and knowledge to take your law and political studies to a new level. I’m a law and politics coach, here to help you regain focus and take control of your learning, so that you can succeed in your studies and in life.

My Biography


As a Barrister with seven years teaching experience, I have advised appeal judges and governments on policy and law reform all over the world; combining the practical with the academic.


I Know How You Feel


The one thing I know for sure from 19 years of working, teaching and studying in law and politics: studying law and politics can at times be overwhelming, especially when there is no roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be.


With the competitive nature of law and politics it can feel like a lonely and frustrating journey through school, college and university. I know how that can feel and that’s why I’m committed to helping you succeed - there is hope!


My Goal: To Help You Succeed


My mission is to give you the clarity and the courage you need to achieve your goals and dreams with strategies and tools that will help you grow, get better and reach your potential by focusing on what matters most to you.

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